Is My Spouse Cheating? How to Know for Sure!

When do you hire an investigator? When you really need to know and you can’t risk them finding out you are looking into their life. You need an Investigator!

Answer these 20 Questions to know. If you answered “Yes” to a few of these behaviors then you need an Investigator to find out for sure.

  1. Have they suddenly needed secrecy?
  2. Have they been treating you different?
  3. Did your relationship start as an affair?
  4. They regularly accuse you of cheating
  5. Have they been taking out a lot of cash?
  6. Have they purchased a new car or clothing recently?
  7. Have they suddenly got new sex moves?
  8. Are they suddenly hyper-critical of you?
  9. Have your typical relationship issues seemed to disappear?
  10. Do they forget what stories they’ve told you?
  11. Are they confiding in you less?
  12. Has their day-to-day pattern changed?
  13. Have they started to keep strict tabs on your schedule?
  14. Do they have random new interests?
  15. Are they grooming themselves differently?
  16. Was cheating was accepted in their family
  17. They get irate when you try to confront them?
  18. Have they accused you of cheating?
  19. Are they less interested in sex?
  20. Do they dress up more than usual?

What evidence do you need? The best evidence that there is, is catching them in the act. The only way to get these answers is with experienced investigation and surveillance.

Once we find out the truth what do you do with it? We will guide you through and or assist in presenting evidence.

Please reach out and we will review the process.



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