Cohabitation Clause

Prof of cohabitation during a divorce can seriously reduce and or eliminate spousal support. You will need evidence that will hold up in court and we will get it for you!

A Cohabitation clause is standard in most spousal support agreements in the state of California. When the supported spouse starts to cohabitate this could terminate the support. Proving this can be tricky. The best way to prove it is with Surveillance, witness testimony and documentary evidence. However, the rules of evidence may limit the admissibility of such information. This is why you need an experienced Investigator that can supply evidence that is admissible in court.
If your former spouse was awarded “spousal support” as part of your divorce, California allows you to ask the judge to reduce or even eliminate those payments when your former spouse starts living with someone else in a marriage-like relationship. To prove cohabitation sufficient to reduce or terminate your alimony obligation, you must demonstrate not only that your former spouse and the other person are living together, but that there are economic consequences that have resulted in your former spouse not having the same financial need that he or she did when you divorced.

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