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Mr. Farrell has almost 30 years of investigative experience, which includes four years of criminal enforcement and 25 years working in the field conducting a variety of civil fraud investigations. Upon completion of earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, Ian spent several years working at two national law firms conducting in house investigations.  He was asked to work a three day domestic surveillance and was hooked on surveillance and field work.  Ian took over an anti-counterfeiting unit, serving major trademark holders, at an Orange County based investigative company and quickly earned a reputation for integrating law enforcement/private investigations into a winning team.  The success of the unit led to years of field work specializing in claims mitigation primarily in fraud cases; workers compensation, auto accidents, home health care and litigation.

Mr. Farrell has personally conducted surveillance in thousands of cases, over 40 thousand hours of field surveillance and has a stellar reputation in the business. His experience includes the investigation of worker compensation, disability, liability as well as family law matters.

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