Private Investigator – Ian Farrell Catches them “Red Handed”!

Today that means we caught them on video!

Back in the day this expression, “caught red handed”, has its origins in Scotland around the 15th century.  Given the context it was often used in the earliest references, the phrase “red hand” or “redhand” probably came about referring to people caught with blood on their hands.

The first known documented instance of “red hand” is in the Scottish Acts of Parliament of James I, written in 1432:

That the offender be taken reid hand, may be persewed, and put to the knawledge of ane Assise, befoir the Barron or Landeslord of the land or ground, quhidder the offender be his tennent, unto quhom the wrang is done or not…  And uthers not taken reid hand, to be alwaies persewed befoir the…

It subsequently appeared numerous times in various legal proceedings in Scotland, nearly always referring to someone caught in the act of committing some crime, such as “apprehended redhand”, “taken with redhand”, etc.

Do you need them caught “Red Handed”? We will catch them for you. Please reach out and we will explain how.



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